18th Aug , 2017

Here are some facts people need to consider in today’s world of social media and mass communications.

Fact number one: Your political posts will not change anyone's mind.
Don't believe me? Well, has anyone else's posts ever changed your mind? Yet, some people share endless posts, mostly negative, about the politico they hate the most, and seem to think all of their “friends” feel the same. Fact number two: Anything you post can and will be used against you. Companies, today, will either hire a company to do a social media profile on everything you have ever posted, or they will stalk you themselves in order to weigh your candidacy and get true view into who you are.  You may already have lost out on a job or position because of your social media. And you
may not even know it. Fact number three: No one really cares that you love your spouse, your kids, your dog, etc. Maybe your family members care, but no one else.

Why? Because it is assumed that you love your family. And finally, fact number four: Everything and anything you ever post will be accessible by anyone, forever. So, those college photos of you doing body shots at Mardi Gras or dancing on top of the bar will be out there for anyone to see. This includes your future children and grandchildren. So, you may want to think twice about what photos you share.

Anytime I speak to groups about social media; whether they be kids or professionals, I always say the same thing. Your social media is an extension of who you are. It establishes your personal brand, your reputation, your image and will be what people use to asses you in multiple ways. For instance, any time I am looking to hire someone; whether it be a painter, carpenter or any contractor, I will always first try to find their Facebook page. If I like what I see, I am more inclined to hire them. If I don't, I do not. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin are all places people can go to get a handle on the type of person you are. If you are too political and angry at anyone who does not
share your opinion. I steer clear. If you look like you party and drink too much, I will deeply consider whether doing business with you or not. And, if you are showing off your expensive car and home, I'll know you are not the person who is giving me the best price.

In a free and open society, everyone is free to be themselves and express themselves as they wish. But that does not mean I or anyone else have to agree with you, or like you for that matter. Privacy is a thing of the past. Everywhere we go, there are surveillance cameras; including people's homes. Everyone has a camera on their phone and they take lots of pictures. Even if you are not aware of the pictures, Facebook even has facial recognition which will recognize you in the background behind the person giving the camera the finger. You are free to not care about how you come across on
social media. You are welcomed to come to come across any way you want. But remember, what you show and share is what people see and what it used to assess you in every way imaginable. If you do care, then always think before you share, guard your image and reputation and only put out there what you can be proud of now and forever more.


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