01st Aug , 2017

As many of you who regularly read my column know, I love to question and examine every element of reality.

It is probably why I am one who goes through phases during which I become nearly obsessed with a topic, hobby, subject, group, activity, etc.. I wind up becoming a near authority on a given thing; wrapping every fiber of my being of something in order to gain a new understanding or application to life. In fact, I have evolved in so many ways that an opinion I may have held ten years ago would today be completely the opposite. And as a result, this is why I never judge where people are coming from or what they think, as we are each on our
own road; making turns and going down roads; some known, others unknown.
I consider myself a rational, scientific thinker. As a result, I always question things and do not accept what I hear, see or read without putting it through some very basic, scientific analysis.

Let’s face it, the Internet is loaded with an enormous amount of information. The problem, though, is that just because we read something on the Internet does not mean it is accurate or true. In most cases, it is not true. For instance, I anxiously view the latest UFO videos on YouTube. I watch every ghost and Bigfoot video, too, in the hopes that I will see evidence that is credible or hopeful. To date, I have not. Aside from garnering hundreds of thousands, if not millions of views, I have yet to see a video purporting something paranormal where I can truly say, “Wow! Now that’s something to look into”.
There is, though, this little interesting thing called Simulation Theory. It was put forth in a scientific paper by Nick Bostrom, a philosopher at Oxford University. It posits that we may very well all be living in a virtual reality. In other words, our entire universe is nothing more than a computer simulation and we are in it. Of course, this is theory. However, in 2012, Professor
James Gates, a National Medal of Science recipient who is known for his work on supersymmetry and superstring theory, announced that he had found a very specific type of computer code embedded deep into the equations used for superstring theory. You may wish to read that last sentence again.
While it may be a great deal of difficulty to wrap our minds around this, it’s actually something which theoretical and quantum physicists have been contemplating for decades. The most famous test which turned the world of science upside down is the Double Slit Experiment.

There are plenty of YouTube videos which explain this phenomena. The experiment involves shooting light particles through slits. What’s the big deal? Well, in essence, it shocked scientists by showing that light can be both a particle and a wave. When someone is looking, light behaves like a particle. When no one is looking, it behaves like a wave. Translation: everything
we see, all matter, only takes on form because we are looking at it. When no one is looking, it exists in waves of possibility. It’s a challenge in 600 words to describe of this to you. But I encourage those of you who love science and wonder about our world to do some reading. Are we truly living in a Matrix? After all, virtual reality is becoming more and more realistic. Who is to say we are not in a highly advanced VR? And if so, who created it? Why? I believe science eventually will tell.


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