Mindfulness: It’s Less about Us & More about Others

You have probably heard the term “Mindfulness” being bandied about in the past few years in increasing parts of our society and culture. To some, it may sound like the latest “New Age” fad; the newest twist on some form of meditation or yoga. But actually, it is less about “self”, as it is about self-awareness and oneness. Those of you who know me personally know that I am definitely not into New Age things. I lean far more scientific, yet acknowledge the many undiscovered, or unexplained things for which we are yet to find an answer. But when it comes to Mindfulness, the results are clear. It is, in my estimation, a vital, central part to building a better world, stronger communities and achieving true happiness and inner peace.

There is, sad to say, a seeming string of selfishness which exists among far too many in our world. It is a sense of entitlement; a feeling of victimization and self-preservation. We see this modern phenomenon permeating our culture, our politics and an increasing number of our follow human beings. It can be said that it is the result of our modern, easy lifestyles in that most everything is readily available and rather easy to obtain. In generations past, people were too busy scrimping to put food on the table and survive to be consumed with themselves. Survival of self and families mean coming together as one.

Let’s face it. The average person in today’s modern First World lives better than John D. Rockefeller, and has access to modern conveniences and technologies which even the wealthiest could not buy a century ago. With this in mind, let us be thankful that we live in a world rich with convenience, modern medicine and opportunity for all. Remember that when we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.

And so, let us be Mindful of our place in this world; of our role among members of our community, family and the greater society. Let us see ourselves not as recipients, but as givers. Let us offer up to others the very things we would wish to see in a better, more perfect world.

Let us be Mindful to check on our elderly neighbors; to make sure they are safe, comfortable, not lacking in food or medication. Or perhaps, just keeping them company and realizing we may be the only person to speak to them that day, or week.

Let us be Mindful to tame our speech and refrain from vulgarity and gossip, but to speak forth love, compliments, encouragement and reassurance to those around us.

Let us be Mindful to remember those who helped us, cared for us and were there for us when we were in need, and to thank them any time we can.

Let us be Mindful to drive slowly and carefully; to demonstrate respect for neighborhoods and preserve neighborhood safety for children, pets and other people.

Let us be Mindful to pick up litter and always leave things as we found them; being careful to not expect or cause others to clean up after us.

Let us be Mindful to smile at people; as it not only may be the only smile they’ve received that day, but that it makes both of us feel better.

Let us be Mindful to welcome and introduce ourselves to others who are new to our neighborhood, church, organization, school, etc.

Let us be Mindful of the needs of our neighbors and not assume or presume something is for us, rather we allow others to receive the best of something and we the least.

Let us be mindful of every word we speak, every action we take and every deed we display, and let us be sure that all reflect the very things we would wish are displayed and demonstrated to us. Let’s be a spoke on the larger wheel of life and not expect to be the only wheel.

Mindfulness is awareness of all of these things wrapped up in our individual responsibilities toward everyone’s collective lives. But there is a deeper, more profound reality one will discover as one becomes Mindful of all of these. They who become Mindful of others become the very richest and greatest recipients of everything they’ve given and give to a far greater degree imaginable. Such is the true secret of Mindfulness which eludes the selfish and evades the entitled.

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