Intuition: Nature’s Superpower and How to Use it!

We all have it. It is wired into our biology from millions of years of evolution. We see it in operation in nature among all animals and creatures. It is our natural defense mechanism designed to sense and alert us to impending dangers. And, as the saying goes, it is never wrong. But what is Intuition and how can we learn to use it in our modern world where we no longer live in trees and have to worry that we will be eaten by wild animals?

Intuition is not a “New Age” concept. And, despite how it may seem, it is not spiritual. It is biological. In short, our brain is composed of billions of neurons. These are cells. But what most do not know is that we actually have two brains. Our entire gastrointestinal system contains the same neurons that we have in our brain. This is why you or others say things such as, “I just feel in my gut something is wrong”.

Unfortunately, as a culture, we have stopped using our gut-instincts and have, instead, begun to rely solely upon our intellect. Men, especially, are guilty of this due to the cultural misnomer that “feelings” are somehow not “manly”. But I ask you, how many times have you made a decision based upon your intellect, only to have a different feeling in your gut? Then, later to discover that your gut was right and your mind was wrong? For me, it happened far too many times before I finally relented and learned how to listen to my intuition.

I cannot tell you how many decisions I made about people and business which proved to be dead wrong. And yet, I had to be honest with myself and admit that I felt something was amiss when I made my decision, but I relied solely upon my intellect. That’s when I made the decision to learn how to listen to what my gut instinct was telling me. Ever since doing so, I can state unequivocally that I now no longer make the wrong decision. In fact, I not only learned how to use my instincts, I have sharpened them as a result.

Like any skill, learning how to use your intuition takes practice. Frankly, it almost makes you feel as if you have a superpower because it saves you time, energy, trust and money. So, here are a four ways using your innate intuition will help you.

1. Making Important Life Decisions: Whether it is buying a house, changing jobs or even choosing a spouse, your intuition will always speak loudly and clearly if you are listening. It is also important that we never make a rash decision on anything so important. Spend some alone time and quietly ponder the options facing you. Visualize yourself as if you have already made a certain decision and see how you feel in your gut when doing so. Do this several times over the course of several weeks. Do you feel uneasy? If so, that’s your intuition telling you something is not right. If you consistently get that gut-feeling of something being wrong, then be sure to cease making that decision until you either feel good about it or you have more information. Either way, put your focus on your feelings.

2. Choosing friends or partners: Most people are sincere and trustworthy. But, there’s always a percentage who are Narcissistic with a touch of sociopathy. It can be very hard to spot these types of people up front because they are superb manipulators and liars. Most people are not expecting to be lied to or taken advantage of. So, when one of these lovelies comes along, your intuition will be on full alert mode. I am happy to say that I no longer fall for these kinds of people. But, and especially in politics, over the years, I have encountered many. I am sorry to say that they even got the best of me. But, again, I ignored the gut-feelings about these people and trusted my intellect. Alas, fool me once, fool me twice. Thanks to my trusted Intuition, I do not get fooled anymore.

3. Investing: Should you or should you not invest in this or that? While most institutional investing today is rather conservative and safe for the long-term, there are all sorts of other investments such as investing in a business, real estate or any other vehicle like a penny stock or something with risk. Unless you want to light a match to your money, always take your time, reflect and ask your intuition to guide you. Unless you get that warm fuzzy feeling. Save yourself from loss and keep your hard-earned money safe. Again, I learned this the hard way.

4. Everything and anything else: In reality, you can use your intuition regarding anything. Its use need not be reserved for the large things in life. You can easily use it over the course of the day regarding many smaller and seemingly insignificant things. I have begun to even use it regarding my diet. Is my body in need of specific vitamins or nutrients? If so, I ask that I develop the cravings for that which I need. I also use it to lead me toward information I need to learn regarding my business. I will happen upon articles or videos and all of a sudden, I feel a sense in my gut telling me to read or watch something and it winds up benefiting me tremendously.

Ultimately, there is no limit to what your natural, innate intuitive instincts can do for you. If you take the time to learn what it is, how to read it, how to use it and then, how to improve upon it, you will find yourself with a skill that is more powerful than anything you’ve ever encountered. Sometimes, it does seem very magical in how it operates. But, with millions of years of evolution behind it, I would say that it has evolved to such a degree that it is life’s hidden little secret, there to be called upon and used any time you want.

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