I Am Looking for 5 People Who Want to Transform Their Lives. Are You One of Them?

What is it that every person alive wants more than anything? Is it money, power, love, jewelry, expensive cars and homes? You may, in fact, want some or all of those things, but by doing so, what is it that you are truly seeking? Well, in essence, we are seeking happiness, wholeness; a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Happiness is a state of mind. It is not defined by circumstances, nor in material accomplishment. It is that inner peace which gives birth to the freedom to be, do and express yourself in every way that is you. And yet, every day, I see so many people struggle just to make it through their day. They live for the weekend, only to dread the inevitable Monday where their lives seem to contract into a seemingly stifled mental prison; devoid of that freedom of self so anxious to express itself freely. I see those who are angry and project that anger at those around them. I’ve watched as people chase hither, thither and yon after anything and everything, desperately trying to find that “feeling”; that “experience”, in order to attain purpose and reason for existence. We witness the harrowing, deadly effects of the Opioid crisis, alcoholism, and abuse of other drugs; all in an attempt to self-medicate an otherwise desperate soul, crying out for help; searching for meaning, expression and fulfillment of purpose.

How, then, does one find this inner satisfaction; this purpose of self, soul and spirit? Is there somewhere to which one may travel? Is there a potion, an elixir or a magical array of herbs? I have seen people chase after mindless, meaningless things in a manner similar to a dog chasing its own tail. I can sense the emptiness; the void of purpose and the extreme anxiety which ensues from a seeming restriction of self-expression. I know because I walked a similar path, and while nowhere near the extremes or extents of some; as I luckily never fell victim to any substance abuses or bouts of depression, I did, nevertheless, seek to find the meaning of life as it related to me.

Those of you who know me personally know that behind my outgoing, personable and approachable personality lies a quiet, thinking person who would rather read a book, learn a new skill, or spend a quiet evening with a small group of close friends as opposed to go out and parade among a great many people. This aspect of my personality is what led me to seek, find and implement the very understanding; the knowledge and application of what has transformed me over the past fifteen years into what I can now say is someone who finds life utterly fulfilling and limitless in its scope. Some things took longer than others, as is only natural. But, I have cleared out a great many fears, insecurities, anxieties as well as thoughts of limitations, anger and virtually anything else which constricted the free-flow of the life-force which dwells within us all.

For those of you who do not know, I am an educator. I am a teacher at heart. Yes, I write, speak, have created educational programs, and am involved in a great many ventures. But I can tell you that the principles which led me to this state of mind so great in its fullness of purpose are, for all intents and purposes, universal and simple. The simplicity is in their nature, as they truly are that which a child can easily grasp. But their secret is in their application and is directly proportionate to how much and how greatly one wishes true freedom and expression of self. To this end, I am creating another educational program designed to demonstrate and teach this transformative process as easily and simply as I can. Understand, none of what I have discovered or experienced is something new, as there is nothing new under the sun. But rather than boggle down the minds or beliefs of people—replacing one belief system with another—I believe I have discovered the simplest, easiest path. And while it all hinges upon your own self-discipline and determination, you can and will find what you are seeking in that inner sense of self and can, if you wish, peel away the many layers to reveal a life of love, beauty and limitless expression.

I am looking for five people whom I can personally mentor. There is absolutely no charge for this. In fact, you would be helping me to develop something into a form that can help a greater number of people. There are certain qualifications I would ask of these chosen five; and this is only because I am seeking members of the general population and not those who have specific needs which may require medical or professional assistance. If you resonate with any of which I’ve written and would like to be considered for a position among the five, please send an e-mail to Brian@BrianHaggerty.com. I will respond with more information from there. Thank you!