Brian Haggerty has spent 25 years in business, politics and education.

He coaches CEO’s, Business People and Politicians on their people skills and communication skills, while teaching them how to develop a strong Emotional Intelligence, thereby affording them more control and power over their personal and professional lives.

He has run for and been elected to several political posts. Most notably, he served as commissioner of the department of public affairs in which he first created the public education programs which would become the basis of all of his most sought-after teachings.

“ I want to inspire people to dig deeply into themselves; discover their talents, strengths and weaknesses, become aware of their true desires and dreams and affirmatively, decisively and intentionally make use of their minds to achieve such ends.   ”   – Brian Haggerty


About Brian Haggerty

Brian Haggerty is a renaissance man. When you first hear his resonant, hypnotic and unmistakable voice, you are immediately drawn in to one of the most inspiring and fastest rising speakers in America.

Brian’s areas of expertise are vast and deep. He is the master of communication and the expert among the experts in the field of social and people skills. In addition to his multiple talks and courses on business etiquette, leadership and superior communication, Brian is also a futurist and lover of science. Brian is always looking to the future; studying the latest social and business trends and how technology is evolving and drastically changing so many aspects to how people communicate, interact and do business in the 21st century.


In addition to Brian's communications, language and social skills programs, below are some of his new, cutting-edge talks which incorporate the latest findings in neuroscience and psychology as they apply toward our understanding of human potential and improvement.


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Some of the organizations at which Brian has Spoken