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About Brian Haggerty

Brian Haggerty is an author, educator, speaker, mentor and retired public official. For many years, Brian authored the monthly column, “Mind Your Manners” which appeared in the South Bergenite.

In addition, he has written two books: “Put That Cell Hone Down and Look Me in the Eye” (2013), as well as “How To Be a Successful Politician” (2017). When not writing, Brian teaches around the country regarding the development of People Skills, Communication Skills and Personal Development.

He works as a private consultant, speech writer and personal coach. His educational program which is called PLEASE (People, Life and Experiential Awareness Skills Education) has been incorporated into several schools, institutions and colleges.

Brian and his company are currently working on the creation is a national marketing campaign to offer the PLEASE Program to people across the United States and around the world.