Brian is an Inspirational Speaker, Professional Presenter, Explainer, Author and Futurist.

His primary topics includes:

Modern Business Social Skills for the 21st Century

The Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Revolution

Advanced Communication and Speaking Skills

The Future Global Inclusive Economy

Unless we wish the very best for others, we cannot expect we will receive the same.

" Speak well; communicate effectively. Treat others well and take command of your thoughts and emotions. Such are the tools and so is the path toward success in anything.” - Brian Haggerty

Allow us to introduce brian haggerty

He coaches CEO’s, Business People and Politicians on their people skills and communication skills, while teaching them how to develop a strong Emotional Intelligence, thereby affording them more control and power over their personal and professional lives.

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22nd Jun , 2018

Four Things That Have to Stop!...

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02nd Feb , 2018

So Did You Panic Sell Your Bitcoin This Week? If So, We Than...

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26th Jan , 2018

Why This Educator is Transitioning Toward Bitcoin Education...

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Some of the organizations at which Brian has Spoken